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What Parents & Pupils are saying about Grovetown School

Parent comments:

  • A big thankyou to all teachers for helping grow our son and taking such a personal interest in him. He has loved being part of the school.
  • It’s a fantastic school for fostering community spirit, friendships and a strong sense of belonging. The education and opportunities are excellent.
  • Family friendly, inclusive and nurturing school environment. Loads of opportunities offered from a small community minded school. Fantastic staff who care and are good at what they do.
  • Awesome small school with a great family atmosphere.
  • It’s very highly regarded in the community and the teaching staff are at the centre of the feedback around this. You all do an amazing job and Blenheim is extremely lucky to have you in such a nurturing environment in Grovetown.
  • That each student is an individual and is treated as such
  • Friendly, student focused, very inclusive and safe and comfortable for students, easy to feel part of the school rather than just one of many.
  • It is a small caring school that will support you and your children.
  • I think the school has encouraged our boys to be individuals and to enjoy learning.
  • Help with developing a young lady for the future years. She has an excellent base to further her educational needs. Ability to study and communicate with others.
  • Our children feel like a part of the school and what goes on within it.
  • Our son has grown in confidence and has discovered a love for leadership and helping others.
  • I think the community is very proud of the school, the teachers and what the school offers.
  • High level of student achievement. Like being part of a large family.
  • Small country school. Have met other parents who didn’t realize there was a school at Grovetown.
  • We believe Grovetown School has a good reputation among the community as a tight little community looking after its pupils and parents.
  • We have really enjoyed our involvement with the school and are sad to be moving on.

Pupil Comments:

  • We get to do good things. We have a triathlon, a forest, tabloid sports and we dressed up as pirates and made pizza.
  • You should get your mum or dad to see if you can come to Grovetown School.
  • Grovetown School is really friendly and we help anyone that feels sad or lonely. We go on whole school camp every second year.
  • Grovetown School has a bit of magic. It works on everybody. I would never go to a different school.
  • We have a forest and we have cool teachers.
  • It’s really fun and we do fun activities.
  • It is a really fun place.
  • I learned about bees and I learned about word problems at maths.
  • I had no idea how to do times tables and now I do.
  • I have learnt how to show leadership and about the history of the lagoon.
  • I have learnt one trillion things.
  • I have learnt how to speak to a group no matter how big or small.
  • I have learnt dfifferent languages.
  • I have learnt The tigger factor – how to bounce back when things go wrong.
  • I have learnt how to make a difference and how to link my writing.

What have you done at school that you are proud of?:

  • Helping my friends. I made my flying machine.
  • I have been in nearly all of the school sports teams.
  • Music extension day and science extension day and the triathlon.
  • Building the chicken coop.
  • Making a difference.
  • Being in the MAD team and being in the greenies.
  • Volleyball because I’ve got better than the last time I played.
  • I have been making a difference by getting things finished.

Any other comments…

  • I’ve got lots of friends.
  • Grovetown School has been a great school. I will really miss Grovetown.