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From the Parents

  • It’s very highly regarded in the community and the teaching staff are at the centre of the feedback around this. You all do an amazing job and Blenheim is extremely lucky to have you in such a nurturing environment in Grovetown.
  • Family friendly, inclusive and nurturing school environment. Loads of opportunities offered from a small community minded school. Fantastic staff who care and are good at what they do.
  • It’s a fantastic school for fostering community spirit, friendships and a strong sense of belonging. The education and opportunities are excellent.
  • I would recommend Grovetown School. My daughter was very happy there. PARENT
  • Grovetown School has encouraged my child's love of books with its library facilities and attitude to reading plus reinforced the importance of caring for others. PARENT
  • Grovetown is a great little school with wonderful resources, fantastic teachers and a strong supportive community feeling. PARENT
  • My daughter has learnt plenty of academic skills as well as a growth in confidence amongst her peers. PARENT
  • My Son has done very well in his subjects overall at Grovetown School. We have found it a happy safe place that he has always looked forward to going each year. It is great we have such a varied selection of sports teams to choose from. Also can approach the teaching staff anytime. PARENT

From the Students

  • Grovetown School is a great place to be. You can learn lots of things and make new friends.
    Y6 PUPIL
  • It's got really friendly teachers. Y6 PUPIL
  • Really great learning happening. Y6 PUPIL